Fixing measures after changing time signature

When I change the time signature, it doesn’t the actual duration of the measure. How do I add an extra eighth duration when I change the measure from 7/8 to 4/4, for example? The duration needs to be added in all parts.
I tried Insert, but it only affects the current part and pushes all the notes later without adding anything to the measure.

The main way I’ve dealt with this is to insert a new bar with the right time signature and then move the music into it. Then I delete the old bar with the wrong duration.

I’m also curious if there’s a way to limit the effect of Insert. For example, I might want to insert notes early in the score, without changing part alignment in a later section that is fine as is.


Ah, I see the problem. My passage was bounded by other key signatures. The duration slipped nicely into the bar when there was a stretch of bars without meter changes. It still means inserting extra blank bars while I work out where the meter changes are.

One hopefully helpful thing is that you can use Insert mode when you insert a time signature, which will ensure that there is always a complete bar of the new time signature before the next time signature in the flow. This is the easiest way to change 7/8 to 4/4, for example: simply ensure Insert mode is on, then replace the 7/8 with 4/4.