Fixing "moved" Key Commands in Metagrid

Unless there have been recent changes, Metagrid is setup to use the Command set in 9.5 and not 10.

New commands introduced in C10 can easily be added the exact same way you add User Macros.

But sometimes Steinberg will take existing Commands and move them around which will break them in a Metagrid Action Sequence. I ran into this today and thought I’d document how to easily fix this when it occurs.

In older versions of Cubase the Key Commands to 1) Open the Key Commands dialog (ironic ain’t it) and 2) Open the Preferences dialog were located under File. In Cubase 10 these both got moved to be under Edit which does make sense because they really have nothing to do with files. But now they won’t work in Metagrid.

The fix for this is all on the Cubase side and nothing needs to happen on the iPad.

For each of these commands we’ll need to locate their entries in the first of the 3 Generic Remotes Metagrid uses. While it’s straightforward to find them by name - here are the Control Name values which is even easier.
349 - Key Commands
355 - Preferences

In the Generic Remote bottom panel find the Key Command entry (349) for “Key Commands.” In the Channel/Category column you’ll see “File” like the 9.5 version. Just change this setting to "Edit’ and you’re good to go. And of course remember to save (Export) your changes so Cubase will remember them after restarting.

On the iPad in Metagrid, these commands will remain listed under File & not Edit but when it executes the Generic Remote will make the change.

Thanks Roger!

Good to know. Hopefully Metagrid will be updated to reflect the changes, but if not this can be done without issue.

Very useful. Thanks.