Fixing Stem Direction after importing Sibelius File via XML

Now that I’m starting to get the hang of Dorico, I tried importing an old SIB score Via XML. It imported very well with the exception of some stem directions which were down when they should have been up. In WRITE mode, I selected the whole score and tried Force Stem Up from the EDIT/STEMS menu with no success. I then tried Remove Forced Stem (still in WRITE mode) and most of the stems went to the proper direction, but not all. I then went to ENGRAVE mode and COMMAND selected all the remaining wayward stems and again selected Remove Forced Stem, which seemed to work. I’m thinking that this all should have happened in one step, and wondering if I’m missing something or is this a small detail that needs some tweaking by the developers. Thanks as always for your time.

Do a select-all and then Edit Menu/Reset Appearance … you can also do Edit Menu/Beaming/Reset Beaming.

You currently have to select the troublesome notes and do Edit > Stems > Remove Forced Directions before you can then force different stem directions. This is a bug (you should be able to force them anyway, without first resetting them) that will be fixed in the next update.