Fixing too Weak Signal from Dynamic Microphones

I was experiencing very weak signal from my Dynamic PodCast mic. I was able to fix it as follows (as a novice user)

Here are the steps.

  1. Close Cubase app if it is open.
  2. Load MREditor.
  3. See the
    MR Input Mixer Section.png
    and check the real time level meter [number 3 in the image] for the channel the mic is ON. Say something in the mic to make sure you get good signal level.
  4. If it is too faint, use move the fader up of the Mic channel [section 14 of the image] and adjusts the volume level for the channel until the mic is not clipping while you are tapping/speaking to the mic.
  5. Close the MR and load your podcast project again.

Everything should be working.

I set all my faders to ZERO in the MR Console. Command Click the fader to zero. Then adjust the Input Gain knob on the front of the MR if needed after that, never an issue here

You mean in the MR editor?

Yes, set them to 0, turn up the input gain on the INPUT of the unit itself on the front of the unit. Each input has a pre amp volume knob on it