Fixing triplets quickly

Is there any quick way to change the first 16th/8th/16th figure (or something similar) into a simple 8th note triplet?

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 11.09.10 AM

I feel like similar questions have been asked (including by myself) but I still don’t know if there’s a better answer than to delete the whole figure and redo it, including lyrics.

Select the 3 notes.
Engage Insert mode (I)
5 (to create quavers)
; Enter (to create the tuplet)
Disengage Insert (I)


The lyrics won’t realign to the new rhythm automatically. You can use Alt-arrows to move them by the grid. But I would rather select and Cut them first, before changing the rhythm, and then re-Paste them one syllable at a time into the popover.


Ok, this worked, thank you. But… this way does temporarily move the entire rest of my flow 1/8 note to the right, and then back, which seems kind of scary to me!

Can anyone reassure me that this won’t mess anything up later on?! I’m sure 8ths and 16ths would be fine but might tuplets, or lyrics, or engraving changes get messed up? I mean, this is bar 44 but I have 350 more bars in the flow after this point…

Don’t panic!

It is well worthwhile doing extensive experimentation with the four different insert modes to see how they each work.


So do it on a copy of your file.


Doing it on a copy of the file doesn’t help if I still have to scan that next 350 bars of that copy to make sure nothing got messed up.

That does not sound like an improvement over just deleting the notes and re-inputting them as triplets.

If something has been displaced, it will likely persist through the affected part until the end. So I would check backwards from the end for any part you changed.

You also should be able to have Dorico play through the score and let your ear be the judge.

But in the final analysis, Janus’s solution is trustworthy. If a composer wants to go back and change something in the middle of a composition, then the composer has to face the fact that additional proofing may be necessary.

Of course you could also just erase the syncopation (without Insert on) and then type in the triplet(s) anew if that solution suits you.

This is what the Stop Bar is for. It will guarantee nothing past it gets affected during the edit.