Fixing VST filenames/paths...

I’ve been using LE/AI for a decade now but I am a very NOT tech savvy person. So, after a long hiatus from home recording, I am trying to get back on that horse I so poorly understand and here seems to be the current problem:

Cubase can’t find three of my plugins [two of which I use in pretty much everything] despite the file path being correct. When I go into 'Plug-in Information, they are bizarrely listed under the filename ‘Cubase6.exe’, instead of, well, ‘something.dll’…

What can be done about this?? Haaalp :blush:


These are plug-ins, which are part of Cubase installer itself (so called Cubase Plug-in Set).

I would recommend to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer.

Thank you!