Ok i have a huge problem i would love some help with! :cry:

While recording vocals into Cubase 5…
the vocals come out scratchy and they seem maxed out? like their quiet and sounds like i maxed out my gain on a compresser so they have that squashed sound… The weird this is in FL Studio the vocals come out wayyyyyy cleaner?!

I running audio tec 4060 mic :arrow_right: Avedis Ma5 pre amp :arrow_right: Rme Fireface 400 Audio card :arrow_right: cubase 5

Any help would be much appreciated!
maybe some help on what im doing wrong in cubase?


check that cubases input channels are set to 0dB and double check that you really dont have anything on your inserts.

thanks for the reply split, I know for sure that theirs nothing on the inserts and i checked the input channel for the mic and it isn’t over odB? are their more input channels to look out for?

Also the Vocals come in at a low volume… its it proper to normalize the vocals after you record them? I always feel the instrum tracks over power vocals coming in… and when i try to crank vocals via normalize or compressor etc they seem maxed out and they have no play(Wiggle) room?

It´s proper to record them at a healthy level in the first place

The second, but apparently not so well known approach in such a case is, to turn everything else down then…

Well it’s all a matter of what you’re music is hitting? I try to keep the backing music mixed to a level where the vocals can sit in well and everything has room for maneuver. Not necessarily an easy thing to achieve but with practice you learn to stop turning everything up. Do you use an outboard compressor in your 500 rack?

I never normalise but do use compression on vocals outboard and internal.

thanks for the reply guys! yeah I end up turning the instrum tracks down to fit in the vocals in- kinda bugs me when i have to do that! as for “split” My 500 lunch box only has the pre in… so i am not using a compressor while im recording… Would it be better to have a compressor with light settings just to help the vocals out?

Yes I would say so, I’m a big fan of my La2a on the way in, heres some 500 stuff I’ve been drooling over for a while http://www.jlmaudio.com/shop/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=2