FL Studio VST plugins

seems “everybody” with Windows is using FL Studio… “Native OSX coming soon.”

Problem is that Complete Versión with All plugins in VST is $900usd.

but The Complete without VSTs is $300usd.
$600usd. for VSTs ?
it seems disproportioned to me.

its just a matter of time they start to rent the SW. LOL. Jajajajaja

i try to stay away from companies that do not have a USB dongle, moving / activating too much software becomes time consuming.
but curious.

to be honest, most of the remakes on YouTube done with FLStudio, most of them, sound like a Toy.
but that happened to me using TDM Sonnox EQ. so maybe the fault is human error “the engineer doing a bad mix.”

Does anyone get a drop in audio then automatically pick back up using the ur22 mk2 ? Or knows what’s causing the problem

Hello LjJohnson,

Try creating a proper thread for your situation in the correct sub forum ‘Computer/Studio Hardware & Setup’.