FLAC 32bit float ?

I used flac since flac available on nuendo until now with all this 32bit float everywhere i start to look at it closer.
do i need 32bit float… nnnnup. i just check my mix, do my master… no clip no need.
but i have this sound device mixpre and true it’s amazing for field recording. Now i feel like i need it everywhere ! :laughing:
but not with flac :stuck_out_tongue:

i read flac does not support 32bit float. is that something that is going to be fixed ? or i should just give up on it ?

hmm seems like you are confusing 32 bit recording with export to 32 bits. different use of bits.
the sd records 32 bits, which allows you to set and forget your levels great stuff. but in Nuendo you will still have to adjust levels and export to the format/bitdepth needed for your particular use case…flac being the case.
if you want Flac to support 32bit maybe contact the developers instead of posting it here.