FLAC bug

I dont understand, Cubase can read FLAC, it can export in FLAC …

But every time I “create sampler track” with a FLAC audio it makes cubase to crash.

I’m under the impression that Cubase 9 doesn’t support Flac within the Sampler Track… ?
I have tried to import Flac into the “Drop Audio Sample Here” box without success.

cubase 9 handles flac fine (like I said it does export in flac)… sampler track though bugs every time I forgot to convert into wav

Are you on 9.0.20? It shouldn’t crash anymore with unsupported file types.

yeah im on the latest update…so 9.0.20

still crashing 100% !!! (though I wouldnt say FLAC is unsupported…cubase exports as FLAC … that’s so weird ! and a killer cause if I forget to convert as soon as I import a FLAC file, I’ll be losing some work when it will crash)

I don’t think the Sampler Track supports it. It’s basically its own plugin.

OK, good to know it’s not a bug but that dropping Flac into the Sampler is not supported.
Would be nice to see it available in a future update.