Flac compression not changing in 6.5 Mac OS Lion

For the first time, I attempted exporting a Flac file from my Mastering session…
No matter where I set it, from “5”, to “8”, it yielded the same file size, 21mg for what would normally be a 35 mg .wav file.
I’m sure it’s operator malfunction on MY part…at least for now, I’ll cut the beleaguered folks at Steinberg a little slack.
It might be important to note I’m at 88.2/24 bit, Exporting to 44.1/16 bit.
I have to Master t 88.2, as my other issue (for another post, another time) is my inability to use any other sample size than 88.2. It’s a documented bug between FW/Yamaha and my MR816csx.

Any suggestions regarding the Flac issue?

Go get flac here: http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html

Export to wav instead of flac from Cubase.

Compress the wav with flac outside of Cubase twice, once with each of your settings.

If there’s a difference outside of Cubase, you have a legitimate gripe I think.

I suspect all Cubase does is pass the flac codec appropriate parameters.


Makes sense. I love the empirical method. I just don’t think that way as much as I should.
I’ll post back with results.
Thanks much.