Flac import

Is is possible to import a Flac file (name.flac with accompanying name.cue for a CD job) into wavelab 8.5? - thnkx F

Yes, the import will work from flac/cue. Because the audio file could be other than 44.1 16 bit with a cue sheet now, it’s a good idea to check sample rate/bit depth after importing. (or before importing).

correction: Wavelab won’t import image/cue other than 44.1k yet (although it can render image/cue of higher rates). But it will import wav/cue or flac/cue of 44.1 16 bit or 44.1 24 bit. Maybe higher sample rate and bit depth cue renders are not officially supported, but they work for my purposes, and they’re becoming more common in other programs.