FLAC, segued albums & track points

Is it possible to have a long wave file with segued tracks encoded to FLAC so that when it gets played back after download, the track points are maintained & the downloader can skip from track to track?

Are you aware of a player that would support this?

give Official download of VLC media player, the best Open Source player - VideoLAN a go

Have you tried a FLAC file with these settings, and this player can skip from track to track?

yes but I have only used it with a .cue file

So it’s all rather pointless asking for this then, if it doesn’t work.
That means editing a segued sequence into individual tracks.

Can wavelab also embed artwork with FLAC files?

No to your last question. This is something I will consider in the future.

Thanks PG.

Just to shed a little light on this thread…just a little…hehe.

You can add/embedd/insert a *.cue file into a FLAC file (an album etc.) which is done with several programs…just check google.
But there are only a few mediaplayers out there which “understand” this embedded playlist.
One of these mediaplayers is Foobar2000.
This baby can also use *.cue files (with its associated FLAC/WAV files) and playing/skipping their tracks separately.
But in my opinion the better (and more compatible) way is to have single *.flac files for an album etc.

WL7 is able to export an cue/wav image combination which can easiely transformed into a FLAC format (either with external or embedded cue files).

It would be nice for a future update if WL7 could do the cue embedding into the *.flac files itself.
But there are other things that should come prior to that…hehe.


Cue sheets are of little use to me in this project, as whilst these may be fine for people like us it is a pain getting end users to even comprehend the idea of FLAC files, never mind a cue sheet that may well need editing to work properly (Not sure if this is still the case, but with CD CUE/WAV file combos I often need to edit the CUE sheet to point at the correct location of the WAV file) and I certainly cannot see the label recommending FooBar 2000 to play these files - imagine the outcry “where’s the x, y, z version - I cannot play this, not fair” etc.

The end result is for Amazon S3 servers anyway, andthey are very precise about what we can & cannot upload - CUE files not permitted regardless - each Zip file must contain just FLAC files alone in the case of an album, and split tracks if for sale individually.
I know I can cut the segued sections and it will rejoin properly. I just wish I could encode one simple file with track markers emmbedded in the blasted header. How hard can it be?

I have to study this. This is definitly noted.

Hi Neil,

in your case the situation is quite difficult but it reflects the whole FLAC/gapless/seamless/1file1album stuff in common.
What we need here is a widely accecpted standard for this thing.
FLAC with embedded cue files is a good start but it needs more support.
The other thing for some content providers is DigitalRightsManagement, which is not implement in FLAC.
Without this some content providers think they’ll be robbed and pirated etc.
I, personally, think DRM for end users is just a waste of time and money for everybody involved…it only makes sense in a security sensitive enterprise/government environment etc.

I guess, i just wait and see what will come in the future.

Back to your specific problem Neil…maybe you could persuade the label to recommend Foobar2000…but just for the FLAC files with embedded cue files in it.
For the single tracks just use normal FLAC files.
The advanced user can have the “album” FLAC and the less advanced users get the “single” FLAC files.
But the end user should be able to get both versions with a single purchase.

Just an idea…hope this helps you a bit with your decisions.


Thanks PG - I feel a lot better knowing you’re on the case.

Hi there yourself, and thanks for the input & suggestions.
However, CUE files are not a solution at all, as it is not possible to upload these to the S3 servers. Amazon are very stringent in what they will - and will not - allow.
I have split the albums into single tracks now, at the same points as they are on the DVDA versions (despite the segues) as this is what the management decided is best. Whilst it is not exactly ideal, it does work.

Here’s hoping a better solution can be found. Problem is that not only do wer need a way to embed track points in a single contiguous stream but players need to recognize these too, and I suspect this is the bigger issue.