I’m still using WAVE within cubase for my projects but I’m using around 400 gigs and more per year which I will always want to keep backed up somewhere.
So I’m thinking of switching to the FLAC format.
I just wondered if someone could answer the easy questions before I dive to it.

Is it stable
Does it require more CPU usage?
What kinda percentage will I save pin disk space appox?
Has anyone had any problems with compatibility for whatever reason?
Do you recommend switching to FLAC overall?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Stick with wave

FLAC will use more CPU

Storage is cheap.

I wouldn’t bother. But do make sure you clear unused material from a completed project’s Audio Pool. A lot of starage space can be wasted that way.

I suppose I should add: Also make sure each Project is sored in its own folder, with its own Audio sub-folder. Otherwise you’ll find it very hard to tidy up.

Yeah, I wonder is there a quick easy way to tell what’s being used in the project and what you’ve deleted but is still sitting there in the pool?
Does cubase tell you this?

Decoding of flac files does not hurt your cpu seriously.
I cannot freeze Tracks with the project configured to flac. Try this before you use flac.

Backup Project is a nice easy way to get the file sizes down.