Flat beams for stemlet/Beamlet groups ending and/or starting with a rest


It would be really nice to add an engraving option for beams so that they are flat if a stemlet/Beamlet group starts and/or ends with a rest.
Like the following.

Thank you.

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Hello @jawher-matmati
can you explain, what is in this case better or clearer? Is it used by a specific composer or style? It does look ok, if the following notes are just short scales, but what about more complex structures?


Sure, many house-styles use this rule (including us at Durand-Salabert-Eschig).

The reason of this rule is that adding a slant to a beam that begins or ends with a rest defies the definition of a beam slant which is only definable according to its extremities. The notes in the middle should not have an impact on the slant (except when they render it flat : e.g. when they make the pitch contour concave or concave+convex). A rest is neutral and should nullify any slant.

Below are simple examples I made where the same notes in the middle can be present in up, down or flat beams if the rests weren’t there. This is why the rest should be neutral, since a flat beam is neutral and doesn’t show a particular tendency as there is no way to know what the slant would be if there were hypothetical pitches instead of rests and more importantly this makes it coherent with the basic definition of a beam slant depending on its extremities (or flat in some cases as stated above).

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Jawher, thank you for your convincing examples. I have to confess, I do love the old Durand Editions for their beauty and readability.

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Thanks for this request. I’ve made a note of it, and we’ll look to implement it in a future version.


Thank you Daniel !