Flats and sharps

I have incosistent display of sharps and flats.
In key editor, notes are marked with ‘#’.
In chord track, chords are marked with ‘b’, same with voicings in info line, but chord editor marks them with ‘#’, and chords assistant has some with ‘#’ and some with ‘b’.
If I change enharmonic shift for chord track entries to ‘#’, chord blocks change to ‘#’ alright, but voicing in info line remains marked with ‘b’, and chord editor still marks them with ‘#’, and chords assistant still has some with ‘#’ and some with ‘b’.

I cannot figure it out. How to set it up so that it is all flat or all sharp? Is this the same for everybody, or are my preferences screwed up?

Two things.

You probably should have posted in the C7 and not C6 forum where the chord track doesn’t exist.

Yeah, it is wacky and not something in your setup. Hopefully Steinberg will fix this. Also you might get better results if you disable automatic scales and manually set your scale - then again, you might not.

Ups, how did I get into C6 forum? I’ll repost in C7 forum. Sorry for mistake.