"Flatten Audio" - only REALTIME algo offered? Why?

I have just tempo-quantized my drums by the bassdrum track and I want to Flatten the audio of my whole project (the other tracks were tempo-synced also) but when I select the audio events and go to > AUDIO > REALTIME PROCESSING > FLATTEN, then C7 only offers the REALTIME algorithm - why???

I HAVE chosen the warping algorithm from the preferences as POLY COMPLEX and even rebooted my PC but Flattening Audio only seems to support Realtime processing algorithm and I don’t want to use that for obvious reasons.

Am I doing something wrong?

Realtime is what ever algorithm is set in the pool so if your track is set to POLY COMPLEX in the pool realtime for that track is PolyComplex.


Hi Hippo. Actually all my audio data is as “Elastique Pro -Time”-algorithm in the Pool. There are no options like “Poly Complex” etc… Could you please help me further?

If your happy with the way it sounds when you playback why not just, Audio bounce selection, no need to flatten at all.


I have desame problem. Using Variaudio and flatten the audio through process. Realtime is the only choice. Should be poly complex.

I’m not seeing PolyComplex or the like, but I am seeing 3 different Elastique Pro, 3 Elastique Pro Formant, 3 Elastique efficient & 7 different “standard” types available. AFAIK, this is the algorithm used if & when any processing is being carried out in the Pool though (p378 in the Operation Manual “Getting into the Details”) and p322 gives a lot more detail:
Elastique Pro = the best audio quality, without formant preservation
Elastique Pro Formant = as above, but with formant preservation
Elastique Efficient = less CPU, but lower quality than pro modes (LoFi?)
The 3 variations on each of these are as follows…
Time = Timing accuracy favoured over pitch accuracy
Pitch = Pitch accuracy favoured over timing accuracy
Tape = Pitch shift is locked to the time stretch, so stretching the material automatically decreases it’s pitch. Has no effect when used in conjunction with event transpose or the transpose track.

MPEX is not available for Pool functions but is available in arrange window functions (assuming that it is not set to toolbox, right click will bring up a context menu and “Process - Pitch Shift” gives you the MPEX options, but I am not sure where else you will get them.

Mpex is also needed to allow projects from previous Cubase versions to load in later ones as way back it was used where Elastique is used now as standard.
I always thought it sounded dreadful


I meant thé variaudio not thé pool. Using variaudio thé press flatten Only realtime shows up as a option. Is