Flatten not returning correct result 6.5.1

Since updating to 6.5.1r117 (x64) I am finding that if I ‘audio quantize’ an event and then open that event in the Sample Editor and [Process]>{Flatten], using any of the MPEX algo’s, it returns a result with timing which differs from the quantized event. The quantize (audiowarp) feature can return some excellent results but I cannot render them reliably; depending on the groove of the part, the returned timing can vary from noticeable to ‘in your face’ not even the same timing, differing in places by almost an 8th in the extreme case.

I attach two clips showing part of the waveform of a snappy two-bar funk guitar rhythm. The first image is of the part post-quantization and then the following image is of that same part ‘flattened’. Stuff is moving around and I can’t stop it… FTR if I use the ‘realtime’ algo, the timing is not altered at all.

Also while on the subject of MPEX, using the “solo” MPEX algos negatively alters the gain by a factor of 6dB.

I did try to verify whether this also happened in v6.06 (32) but since applying the update from 6.05 it crashed and took my PC with it at each attempt to instantiate. The 32 bit of 6.5.1 behaves the same as the 64 bit regarding the timing and gain of MPEX.
Clipboard Image.jpg
Clipboard Image (1).jpg

Does the lack of respondents indicate that the problem is local or is this a known bug I’ve missed elsewhere?

Well, one file actually behaved itself earlier and MPEX printed out the audio as set by quantization. The elation was short-lived though as the next track required a fair bit of manual adjustment. Out of curiosity I bounced the adjusted part prior to flattening it. The result was as I’ve come to expect, completely out of time from MPEX. So much so in fact, there was little comb-filtering between the bounced and MPEX’d parts when solo’d, they were so out of sync.

Can it really just be me experiencing this?

I normally just right click the audio part(s) I’ve warped in the arrange window and bounce them. I’ve never noticed any issues doing it this way. Does this way work for you or does it produce the same results as flattening?

Bouncing works fine however the real-time algo often fails to produce musically pleasing results. I’ll often try it but I have relied mostly on MPEX Poly to print the best material, leaving me somewhat frustrated with the flattening process.

I don’t recall having any problems like this pre- v6.5.