'Flattening' midi with tempo track changes, is it possible?

I’m scoring a film, and the final track I’ve used a tempo track with a lot of changes and ramps. These ramps are causing issues with Kontakt instruments, and I’ve read that’s a common issue. I don’t want to freeze the tracks as I want to still change parameters in Kontakt going forwards. But I no longer need the tempo track anymore, as everything else I do will not be reliant on tempo.

So I’d essentially like whatever the tempo track is doing embedded in the midi files. Then I can move on and forget about the bmp etc. but add many more Kontakt instances without issue

Is this possible? I hope it makes some sense


If I understand your idea correctly, the MIDI data would be out of the grid then.

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Yeah exactly it would be out of the grid, but I no longer need the grid, I just want Cubase to stop glitching out trying to play Kontakt instruments with tempo ramps. I can’t believe there’s no way to do it! It seems like it should be simple> that’s a shame


Switch the Musical Time Base of the given MIDI Track to the Linear Time Base. This will do the trick.

Thanks but this doesn’t make any difference. I just tested it. It seems like what I want to do isn’t possible


Do you mean in sense of the performance or the editing?

This is interesting. Is the glitching from tempo sync’d material in Kontakt trying to keep up? I’d normally look at fixing THAT problem… but I don’t use tempo track much so I’ve never run into this.

What result of switching the track to Linear Time Base doesn’t help you?

Perhaps doing just that, but adding further MIDI events to another track that is in Musical Time Base would be helpful.

Alternatively, you could leave the track in Musical Time Base, render the initial MIDI events to audio, then continue adding MIDI events on the same track.

What doesn’t work exactly?

If your midi track is in linear time base, tempo has no effect. Please check again, or clarify what the question/goal/problem is.

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Thanks. Toggling the midi track in question between Linear and Musical doesn’t change anything. I play back a section which is very obviously slowed down using a tempo ramp and the midi still slows down.

But I’m not sure if I’m being misunderstood. I don’t want the midi to not follow the tempo track. I want all the changes I’ve made in the tempo track to be reflected in the midi, so I can then turn off the tempo track and the midi has all the changes ‘printed’ in it. Does this make sense?

From reading a couple of other similar threads from a while back it seems it might not be possible

Yeah from reading other threads it appears to be a known issue. You can put your buffer size very high, but after I add a few instances of Kontakt it starts to glitch again. It’s very annoying!

But it only happens with tempo ramps apparently, not with instant tempo changes