Flauto di Pan !?!

il Flauto di Pan non risponde ai “segni di dinamica”, perché?

Try going to the Endpoint Setup dialog and assigning the CC1 Dynamics expression map to the channel on which the pan flute is being played. I don’t know for sure that this will work, but I suspect it will.

Così, se ho fatto giusto, non funziona (vedi allegato).

Try opening the HSSE plug-in via the “e” button in the VST Instruments panel in Play mode (as described here) and try playing around with the controls in the HSSE window. If moving the modulation wheel makes the dynamics change, then try choosing the CC1 Modulation expression map instead.

Innanzitutto grazie.
Ho provato ma sembra che il problema sia il “Flauto di Pan” di Note Performer (tu hai provato?).
Su HALlion il Flauto di Pan funziona bene.
Naturalmente non solo il Flauto di Pan ha questo problema ma anche gli altri strumentini simili (Zufolo, Piffero, ecc.) poiché penso abbiano lo stesso “campionamento” usato per tutti.
Se ci sono novità fammi sapere.
Grazie ancora.

No, I’ve not tried this myself. I’m afraid I can’t always take the time to follow absolutely every single problem through to the end. If you cannot work out which MIDI controller is required to change the dynamics of NotePerformer’s pan flute, have you considered consulting the documentation for NotePerformer? If that doesn’t tell you the answer, have you considered contacting technical support for NotePerformer?

…ho contattato ma non ho avuto risposta.

Please be patient. The NotePerformer team is very small (it used to be only Arne Wallander himself; I believe he may have one or two other people working with him these days) and they have thousands of users, so I imagine they get more support requests than they might otherwise know what to do with.