Flavour of how Dorico feels like to use

If you haven’t listened to this, you might want to give it a spin. It’s one of the items pinned to the top of the forum page under “Dorico in the news”.

Daniel speaks about how Dorico works, from the point where you open the program.

It gets really interesting from 9 mins in.


A great interview. Thanks for posting Chris and thanks to Daniel and the interviewers.

Excellent podcast. loads of information.
My favourite line from Daniel (about the amount of chatter there has been about Dorico already):
“We’ve made the mistake of opening a forum on steinberg.net

Yeah, I laughed out loud at that one. :laughing:

3.5 pages of new members since the first post on the 16th. I assume 99% of those new members are Dorico related.

Well, I’m a nerd. My favourite line: “You can have slurs shaped by as many control points as you want”…


Hi all! I’m Dave. I host the podcast above. Thanks for checking it out!