flex phrase edit question

i know how to use flex phrase.(drag and drop)

but it`s only can drum or perc kit. When i select other instrument midi symbol disappear

i want to edit other instrument`s flex phrase in midi track

is it possible?

if its not possible where is the flex phrases directory in window?(win7)

i think more usefull if it can edit.

Only the drum can drag and drop :frowning: Yes I wish you could and edit them
I hope this gets notice by Steinberg and they consider adding this

yes if we can do drag & drop with all the flex phrase i’m gonna buy it (upgrade) just for flex phrase ! :sunglasses:
so steinberg you know what to do ! :wink:

Steinberg ?
This would be a great feature, and to have Flex phrase packs as addons :wink:

I agree - that would be great!

It is a great function. But I don’t even know how to drap and drop the drum into midi track either. Please teach me. Thank you very much.