Flex Phrase preset

I am trying to configure Halion Sonic 1.6 so the trigger pads can switch between relevant Flex Phrases. Is there a way make the pads always control the Phrase variations? (8 pads = 8 variations). Every time I change programs I have to re-assign the “snapshots” again.
The manual explains how they set up the pad presets this way deliberately, but I am not seeing the workflow advantage.
Has anyone worked with setting up Phrase presets with success? Perhaps you can share how you are doing this. Or, refer to helpful link.
Thanks in advance.

just “lock” the “preset” top/right off the gui

Thanks, that helps a lot!
This works fine when I am changing programs in one instance of Sonic.To go one step further, how can I keep this set up as a default configuration every time I open a new instance? Or do I just have to assign the snapshots each time?

you can save your snapshot presets & after you only need to load it & lock it !

Thanks again…
The lock appears to hold onto the flex phrases while I switch sounds in a single slot. Once I move to a new slot or a new instance, the lock has no effect.

This is what I am doing-- maybe you can see where I am messing this up:
I set the pads to listen to notes at the low end of my keyboard,
Then I create a snapshot for a variation on each pad. The yellow lines appear.
I save as a pad preset.
I also save the Flex phrases I want as a preset in the other box.
When I call up a new instance and load in the pad preset, I get the midi note assignments, but no yellow lines, and the pads don’t make the variation change. I have to assign them again.

On a positive note, I am getting faster at assigning the snapshots!
I am also seeing that each layer, and the whole program, can have it’s own phrase assignment - a bit complicated but cool.

The manual seems to not be up to date since the last software update. But maybe this can’t be done? I am thinking about trying to save everything as a whole program. There are no factory programs that utilize this switching capability, so I wonder if it’s possible.