Flex phraser menu pop up

Is there anyway to make the “Phrase Select” menu in the Flex Phraser show as a regular menu instead of the popup styled menu? It seems to be the only element that does not have the option to show up as a regular menu. When I open the template I see there’s a switch with the value of @PhraseSelectPopup. If I change that to @PhraseSelect then I get a bunch of numbers instead of the phrase menu. If I create a “Menu” element and then add @PhraseSelectPopup to it’s value I get an on and off option instead of the phrases. Is there any work around at all?

The phrase selector is actually just a switch. The menu is created by Halion itself.

I did a test where I deleted all items from the FlexPhrase container, including the resources to clear out everything. After adding a switch with the @PhraseSelectPopup value, the menu still opened, even though there where no menu templates or elements.

The popup style is used because of its ability to deal with folders.

For a custom menu you will likely need to do some scripting attached to the “Filename” parameter of the Phraser.

Ugh, Nothing is easy with Halion lol.