Flex Phraser


Where does the Flex Phraser Midi info get recorded to in the Midi track? I know how to create my own phrases etc and even record the midi data but when I record to the track, how do I manipulate the date. Where can I find that in the editor?

Also, does anyone know if there is a way to tweak (Edit) Flex Phrases in Halion 6, etc. Once you activate the user, I can’t seem to be open to start with an existing phrase to tweak.



PS - I am new to Cubase after a 20 year hiatus from music composing and used Cubase back in 1996. Who knew went things could go and god only knows where they will go!!!

It’s easy to mess around create your own FlexPhrases in HALion, just go to the “EDIT” tab then under that “MIDI MOD”. If you hover your mouse over any of the controls/icons a quick-tip box will pop up with what it does. I’ve attached a pic with some pointers on where to change note vales, save presets, and how you can drag in your own MIDI event.

Try this, find a FlexPhrase Preset you like, enable the “Rec” button, hit Play in Cubase and let it run the length of the Phrase then Stop. Then use the MIDI drag to host (icon next to the Rec button), click it and drag the Phrase onto a Midi track. All the note and Control values will be there. Then in the Cubase MIDI event just mess around and change things to your liking and Drag it back into HALion (MIDI Drag Icon next to “Groove Q”).

The manual has a relatively decent overview if you want to go more complex with layering multiple CNTL Values and how to automate them in the HALion Mod Matrix.

Hope this helps.
HALion FlxPhr mods.JPG