Flexatone notation issue


I am trying to get a result like the following in Dorico (I don’t really care if it is a one-line staff or five line staff):

Instead I get this:
I don’t like that as much because it makes the gliss. look narrower than it actually is (it should be quite a wide gliss., not just a slight bend). The problem is that Dorico only allows me to put a note on the center line or on the line directly above or below. Is there any kind of workaround to shift the notes further away vertically to make the gliss look wider?


You’d have to use a pitched instrument rather than an unpitched one.

OK, but how? I assume I have to edit an XML file somewhere to create a new Flexatone instrument that uses a pitched staff and then change the clef to percussion?

You can just use any pitched instrument you like, and edit its name to say “Flexatone” using the Edit Names dialog accessible in Setup mode.

Thanks - that worked - I was worried that it would display the wrong name in instrument changes but it looks like it is fine after overriding the name.