Flexible fermatas?


is there a way of having a fermata on the third beat of the vocal line but on the rest on the fourth beat of the string accompaniment?

The vocalist stays on beat three in a cadenza like way and will probably make a fermata on the foruth beat also, but there must not be a fermata on beat three of the strings.

How is this done?


I do not think this can be done “the proper way” in Dorico. Actually, what you should do is add the fermata on the fourth beat of the string accompaniment. I might say that, for the singer, you could add the fermata with the shift+X workaround, using the smulf bravura sign from http://www.smufl.org/version/latest/range/holdsAndPauses/
That way, you would not have fermatas on all systems twice.

Thanks Marc. Yes, I thought that that might be the only solution. In a way, one could say that the notation I am trying to copy is wrong - but common.

One way could also be to put the fermata on the fourth beat and move it manually to the singer’s third beat.

Yes, LAE, your are absolutely right. In Engrave mode it is possible to move only the fermata of the singer — I thought I tried it and it did not work, but I just retried it now, and it does work… I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong at first !