Flexphrased Disco Strat - Used "Key switch: harmonics" lost after project reload

Hi all,
using the Halion “Flexphrased Disco Strat” Guitar and there recorded a track with “Key switch: harmonics” set. If I save and leave the project, I encounter the issue that on reload the “Key switch: harmonics” setting is lost and it plays the default sound.
I am not the expert for Halion so maybe I’m doing something wrong here or do not understand the functionality of Halion here.
Help is apprecciated!
Thank you very much!

BR Dieter

OK, I solved it myself. Didn’t understand, how this works.
You’ll have to place the corresponding midi notes of the “key switches” and “trigger pads” at the beginning of the MIDI track piece in the MIDI editor and then it is set for all coming track pieces of it.
So you can change these during the track to other sounds or flexphrases and switch back and so on.
Great if you understand, how it works :wink: :heart_eyes: !