Flexphrased instruments (Halion Sonic Selection)

Hi everyone,
maybe I’m missing something but I can’t find a useful way to use them…
I noticed in FP nylon strings guitar there are coloured keys, like keyswitches (see attachment), but they don’t seem to change anything; same keys aren’t present in FP accordion…
Any suggestion or advice would be appreciated!
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Hold the colored key while playing the notes you want to play
You also record the notes first and hold the color key after you let the recorded sequence play (or press record again)

Hope that helps.

HI @CJ_Monster,
I do it but they seem working randomly; and what about the accordion instrument? There are no key switches in it…
What’s the name ‘flex phrased’ stands for?
Sorry for all these question but it seems there’s no a specific manual (apart from a Dom Signals video, pre listening various presets…)

Hi @arfo1962

Copy and pasted from the Cubasis manual:

Key Switches

Some of the factory presets include key switches, which allow to switch between samples while playing. An orange-brown color indicates that a key on the internal keyboard is a key switch. There are two types of key switch presets: Some presets have key switch keys that need to be held down while playing regular notes, while others just need to be pressed once to enable their sample.



Hi @LSlowak, thank yo for answering; I know what are key switches - that I mentioned in my answer and I use in other programs/sound banks too - even if I missed the manual page part regarding two different types of them, actually…

But you and @CJ_Monster missed something as well… :wink:
My question was about accordion flex phrased instrument that has no key switches and I’m not figuring out as to use it, or change type of pattern, if you prefer…

And I added:

Thank you again…

Hi @arfo Art,

  1. Because the key switches appear on the built-in keyboard, I use an external keyboard MIDI controller.
  2. This search link, I’ve included, comes up with a lot of good links and videos about “flex phrase.” flex phrased sounds in halion sonic

Hope that helps!


Hi @Johne1,
I’m using an external controller too but in accordion there are no keyswitches and a unique ‘pattern’ seems quite useless to me…
Just now I was trying to understand and I noticed that if you use the chord buttons just above the internal keyboard they work quite like a key switch but it’s not very clear how…

Thank you for answering and for the link as well but, after a first, fast glance, they refer to Halion sonic in Cubase, I think, not the selection in Cubasis…



@arfo1962 Flexphrases… you activate them with the chord buttons as i shown in the vids.
Basically they are arpeggio modules taken from the halion flexphraser in cubase.
The Halion vids on youtube dont show you how to activate them in Cubasis so i demonstrated it here. They might not be very usefull to you personally but ay least you know how it works in Cubasis (and i couldnt find an easy/quick manual online either so i thought it might be usefull for some people to show it lol)

Hi @CJ_Monster,
thank you - even if in late - for your answering and for videos! So I was on the right way supposing chord buttons acting like key switches :wink:
I think it’s a bit annoying that Steinberg doesn’t explain that at all but thanks to reciprocal help we found a way…
I was hoping it was possible to play single notes melodies too but I guess it’s not the case; anyway…
Thank you again, best!

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The chord keys on top of the keyboard are the modules… you only have to tap them once for the module to work. After you select the desired flex phrases module you can play single notes of that module, if that is what you were pointing out.

And yes i agree that the information/documentation how halion works is not sufficient enough… between effects/values/filters that are not knobs/sliders on the interface but are in automation and flex phrases that are not described and maybe some things i forgot/missed, there should be better documentation. :nerd_face:

Playing single notes is a bit hard, if you want them to be sustained, because arpeggios start quite immediately; or maybe I missed a ‘single note’ module… :thinking:

Absolutely! :+1: