"FlexPhrased Vintage Drums"

Guys, I’m a BIG Halion Sonic fan & Absolute VSTi collection, so I wanted to test HALion 4 (I dwnled a trial).
To be very honest, I’m not impressed at all, I hoped that I could alter for example the Triebwerk sounds etc, looks like they are real samples etc. So my biggest wish for HALion4 is scattered :smiley: so to speak :wink:
I know it does a LOT more than that (it’s a sampler…) but i don’t really have time to mess with that kind of stuff.

BUT, I came a cross the preset “FlexPhrased Vintage Drums”, and OH MY GOD it sounds SO PHAT!!
:neutral_face: is this what they are preparing for GA4? or is this what GA3 had? because I LOVE that sound :neutral_face: please help me find more of these goodies :smiley:!!
=> Where did this come from, does Steinberg make more of these loops/drum-phrased-recordings?