flickering playback cursor/ out of sync with monitor Hz rate

hey guys, tried googling this but couldn’t really find anything. In my windows 8 setup, the playback line/cursor flickers randomly during playback, even at low tempos.

Graphics card is a nvidia 560 ti, and CPU i5 2.8 GHz, 8 GB ram.

I did some experiments and what i can conclude from this is that the frame-rate of the playback cursor goes out of sync with the output Hz of the monitor, 60 Hz here on my screen btw.

Is there any way to fix this? :question:

I have this problem also.
It can be fixed on windows 7 by disabling aero but I haven’t found a solution for windows 8

This would happen to me back when I had Cubase 5 installed on my Win 7 machine.

I eventually found out that it was flickering because I had the cursor width set to 1 in the preferences, which for whatever reason was causing it to flicker. I increased the width to 2 and that stopped it.