Flight case!!!

Hey… anyone remember the rack mount wine rack?

Well I just stumbled upon this> http://www.thomann.de/gb/thon_jackycase.htm ideal when out and about :mrgreen:

Aloha S,
Good one!

Try saying that 5 times fast. :slight_smile: Especially after using it.:slight_smile:

And naturally you’d need a second case for the ice. :sunglasses:

Cut outs for shades and goatie :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

instant tard transformation.

Or a section to keep the long haired wig for those old sad rocker moments!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

attn: Split … you’ve opened a nice thread … and dang it, I read it when it was new, and had come back with an idea about ‘cool retaining’ sheathing for the bottles of coke.
Unfortunately, I’ve noticed something off-topic, but which is happening in your topic. Please forgive me for devoting the rest of my post to addressing it. I’m hoping to head future upsets off at the pass.

Hi Paul … I know you’ve GOT to be hurting bad inside, so please SEE that I’m not coming from a place of Snot-Nose:

Shades and Goatee = Lenny
“Tard” = hard hitting description.
Doggies ROFTLing represents your attitude to such a view of him.

But there’s GOT to be a place of coming to terms … not necessarily buddy-buddies or even agreement … but … terms.
Co-existence without knives up the bollocks when passing on the stairs.

Otherwize ‘ROFTL’ doggiestyle becomes this:
Lenny will continue taking it up the bum ‘for the team*’ - he will continue being respectful, and when you make points, he’ll engage with them with the same reality and logic that he responds to the points of others. He’ll stay calm when you ‘mount and ride’ him … and when you puke all over the ground he will walk sedately away … like that recieving doggy in my picture.

But how will it look? You will continue humping his posts, but you’ll always end up looking like he’s walked off and left you eating your own puke. Even people who don’t know you and he have had wars, will begin to identify the “Shades and Goatee” - style references, or other ‘Lenny-Specific’ And you’ll look like someone who’s ‘kicking the good guy.’

Alternative scenario … If you keep doing “Shades and Goatee” references or other references which Partially describe him … then, suppose one day if he’s had a personal tragedy at home or work or illness of something, then he could lose his balance, get upset and be angry At you directly, then BLAM … he’d have lost his ‘moral high ground’, you could take your gloves off. It’d creat an EXTRA and NEW load of ‘Bad Blood’ between you … and whatever stuff you ALREADY DO need to sort out it with each other, could get lost and burried deeper, due animosity built up in this ‘Cold War’

Is this making sense? Moreover, is this making Respectful sense to Both of you? I hope so.

You know dang well that I’m trying NOT trying to squash “Stuff” … I can’t actually see how you and Lenny could sort things in a thread on this forum, due to probable deletion by moderatores … but if both of you want to have a go at it, Start a “Lenny and Paul discussion thread”, and I’ll certainly sit in on it with intent to be … er … ‘balancing’ or useful to both of you. Not trying to shame youse with ‘C’mon guys Shake hands and Have a Beer’ rubbish … but toward some realisic and mutually acceptable way you can sit at the same table together.

Alternatively, that offer I made to you a few months ago, to you and him to sit with you both on a Skype Conference still holds good.

Take care

02:22 14th March: edited to remove IMG tags from picture.

Split … Hi

For the last few months I’ve been thinking … trying to dream up my ideal ‘Flight case’ … Something which caters for MY individual real-world needs.

You remember those Pelusos you and Tom helped me to choose and that Alice Pre-Amp and phantom-voltage generator, after you you warned me against putting faith in the more popular battery powered stuff’s likelihood of being able to keep a constant 40v, given the demands of the Pelusos?

Well … the mikes, cradles and foam shields arrived in a near as dammit identical case to the one you’ve done the photo of. I’ve just got to source some ‘lid’ foam and some ‘Case’ foam … because Peluso have organized it as a Swanky Display. I can improve on that, and want to, because there could be space for the Sony D50, Vocalzone throad lozenges, Painkillers,and a small cannister of single malt whisky. Maybe a couple of other things.

All the best

What on earth are you talking but Glyn? I can assure you I’m not hurting bad inside over anything. With respect your post is one huge straw man which has made some erroneous and trigger happy presumptions about my light hearted postings about rock n roll sterotypes.

Are you trying to create some personal divisions along the lines of which may have existed in the previous forum? If so I’m not going to be baited by it. Also I’m not happy with having my posts analysed and judged in this manner on the basis of some imaginary feud that you seem to think exists or are trying to catalyse.

I thought as an improvement one could include some sort of photocell powered refrigerator to keep it all cool on a hot day…

Using a solid state cooling device http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_cooling

Hi Paul

You’'re saying “What on Earth are you talking about, Glyn?”
OK. Bugger … sorry … I should have given the background to my making comment here …
Look at your post in the other thread:


My internal response was “Aw shute … Paul’s kicking Lenny under the table, Paul must still be hurting inside. Dang”

When I see people kick like that, I assume they’re in pain. That assumption concerning your feelings was unconnected with your context. My bad.

Regarding whether you’re behaviours make it look like you are holding onto a feud, there’s nothing you or I can say for or against the fact that there are 4 points of identification pointing to the Past Bad Blood between you and Lenny. They are simply points of identification linking to a negative aspect of history you and he are known to have shared.

NYC = Lenny
Goatee = Lenny
Mummy’s Boy = Artifact of feud with Lenny
Long story = Reference to connected history.

Once = event.
Twice = coincidence
Three times = a pattern
Four times = instance of confirmation.
All in one sentence = Closeness of points in constellation adds another perspective of confirmation. ‘Tight grouping’ of elements.

Now, in this thread, your post above added further instances tending to confirm that the writer, intentionally or unintentionly, tends to pick on and kick Lenny.

Goatee and shades and shades=Lenny
His avatar picture close above = Lenny has goatee and shades.

Goatee and shade & close to picture of Lenny = 3 points in tight grouping.
Goatee - links to quoted post in other thread which is, itself, still on the front page = Further close grouping of instances.

They are your behaviours. Would strong statements of assertion or denial beyond this be relevant? Nope. It’s not about truth, it’s about plausible hypothesis. How strongly shareable data can add up to looking a certain way to observers.

Paul, you’re saying that feud=imaginary, so I’ll assume I don’t need to sit while the two of you discuss stuff. Also, you’ve denied that you had any intent beyond a general laugh about style, in your words in this thread. Fair enough, and thanks for putting that clearly and solidly on the table. I care about both of you and I’m trying to get my head straight, given we live in the same forum. If, to you, I sounded inciting, then total apology, and I’ll bear in mind to do what I can to minimize that possible interpretation … it’s not nice that I should have made you feel that way when you read my stuff.

Given your recent behaviours, and your present account of yourself and your good intentions, I’d better flag up any further points of identification on the forum, if I’m around, so any connections to Lenny there may be, shall be highlighted - it’ll just be a short post with a quote and a couple of words. Then, over the next few months, percieved discrepancies will be balanced, things will get clearer, and I’ll most likely discover that I have been feeling overprotective toward both of you and generally oversensitive … which would not be a new thing.

Take care

Solid state cooling device …

Heck yeah! Me I had been thinking of those things that you stick in the freezer or the microwave. When Harriet and I used to do competitive ballroom dancing, I’d always have a mini flight case of beer and freezer-packs … so i could drink on the drive home. She did the driving. I needed a couple of cans after a day of sober adrenaline.
But Your idea … well yeah … what is there a Lot Of in studios and venues? Power Points.

That Peltier effect … I’m getting a strong feeling that there’s a threshold they need to get over to make it … well not just work, but be Workable in enough context to make it saleable enough to fund the kind of research it needs to make it go ‘exponential’ … like in hard Drives and CPUs. What do you reckon on Peltier technology at some point becoming Flexible? I mean, it needs a bit of that to get involved with DNA synthesis. Just think of some of the power-savings there could be if active cold producer could be packed to fit the shapes of the stuff to be cooled.

Another tangent … Some of those flight cases which are 6U high … I often thought that 1U drawer could be great as a well organized road-tool box. Soldering irons, bit drivers etc

Anyway … I’m off to sleep now
All the best

Anyone notice the foam in the OP is upside down? If you carry the case by its handle the bottles are bottom up. :confused:

Yep, you’ve hit the nail on the head, Glyn. And there are more instances than you make reference to here.
Just a couple of weeks ago he made mention of ‘ironworkers in women’s clothing’ in a thread that I’d posted in - and he knows I’m an ironworker because it came up in a direct exchange between he and I in a 9/11 thread at Nerg’s. He was careful to go back and delete the evidence because it no longer turns up in a search.

He’s consistently been making schoolyard taunts and wording them carefully enough to leave himself some room
to slither if called on it. It’s not at all surprising - he’s exhibiting the same behavior that’s gotten him banned
twice by his friends over at Nerg’s - and once here. (He’s only here now because he snuck in under the radar when they changed the forum software). Out of one side of his mouth he piously proclaims “I will be adhering to the forum rules! I won’t be taking your bait!” - then out of the other side of his mouth he’ll start laying the bait.

The slapping dog .gif he posted here is actually pretty tame for him. Over at Nerg’s when he called someone
a retard, he posted pictures of actual adults with Downs Syndrome! I kid you not - that’s what he did.
It was disgusting - and when called on it by his friends, he actually defended his right to do it. :unamused:

^^^ I’ve never seen such a ridiculous construct.

Anyway I can see what’s happening here, and now above the other poster has jumped in.

I would kindly ask and for the last last time you ( and the other poster ) knock it off. I certainly won’t be baited by these clear attempts to denigrate me by paranoid analysis of my posts, The forum has a Friend and Foe feature. If you don’t like my presence here then put me on the Foe list. In fact after I got jumped on my the same people when I joined this (new)forum I mentioned the Friend and Foe feature. Seems you people don’t want to ignore but to bait. Goodbye.

Yes, you’re finally being called out for your provocative, trolling behavior. Bummer, eh?
And how quickly you’ve gone from starting the trouble to playing the victim - all in the same, short thread. :unamused:

My, how quickly I’ve morphed from the goateed, retarded mummy’s boy in women’s clothing -
to the ‘other poster’. We ARE making progress!! :laughing:

Feel free to use the forum features of your choosing. :bulb:

This is how propaganda becomes ‘fact’ Steve. Notice they didn’t pick up on the “section to keep the long haired wig” which I also posted? Because it didn’t fit their propaganda. I know the game. They don’t like me being back in the forum and are clutching at any means they can to denigrate me and/or provoke me into fighting them. For example by posts like this which is nothing more than aimed at being a personal attack - and contains untruths.

I made the mistake of fighting against what is essentially cyber-bullying in the old forum. Not in this one. It’s simple. Friend or Foe Feature. I’ve told them twice now. I won’t be responding to them anymore.

This guy has got a whole wardrobe and full length mirror flightcased

Pic to big to embed, so …


or take your own cooker :slight_smile:

Thats the direct opposite of a refrigerated flight case :laughing:

I wonder if anyone has made a flightcase for a flightcase? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: