flip polarity on a track?

What is the easiest way to flip polarity on a track.

I can’t find a switch built in to the Cubase GUI and I looked to see if there was some special purpose VST to use as an insert.

I’d like to do it non destructively, so I can flip back and forth etc.

Thank You.

There is a polarity switch on the Pre rack in MixConsole, and, I believe, it’s also available in the Edit window from Project view.
The Surround 6.1 plugin can function as polarity-reversal tool as well.


I thought I had looked every where. I’ll go find it!!!

Just a heads-up that the PRE rack is not enabled by default in the mixer. First thing I do… :slight_smile:

I’d love the Pre to show up by default. It’s the first thing I do as well. The single best new feature Steiny has made in years!

Maybe we should FR that…?.:wink:

Aloha guys,

is ‘flip polarity’ the same as changing the ‘phase’ of a recorded track?

If so you can do that as an audio function (once the track has been recorded).

Or are we talking about mic/line input at the audio interface/mix desk.
(before recording)


Hey curteye,

Yes, we’re talking about the same thing.

“Phase” and “polarity” are (incorrectly) used to describe the same thing, which is polarity. In the studio, people will say, “Flip phase” when they really mean, “Flip polarity.”

Phase refers to the relationship between two signals (like, say, two mics on an acoustic guitar); while polarity is about one signal (where the soundwave/voltage is in its cycle of positive and negative energy).

Sadly, “Reverse Phase” in Cubase means “reverse polarity,” so that positives become negatives and vice versa.

Since the polarity-reverse button we’re talking about is in Cubase, it’s not “before recording” per se. It’s happening after the mic voltages get converted to digital. But if you do have it on on an input channel, the waveform will get written with polarity reversed.
When used after recording, it’s more like a plugin–it’s just non-destructively flipping polarity.

Got it!