Flip Selection


This feature is probably there, already, but I don’t know what you call it in Nuendoese.

Say, I’m looping bars 1 - 8, and I now want to loop bars 9 - 16. Instead of dragging the loop selector to bar 9, is there a way of "flipping it over, so that it selects bars 9 - 16 automatically? We have it in Sequoia.

Thank you!

I have some sort of workaround before I find a solution.
-Create an empty track
-use the range tool to mark bar 1-8
-duplicate (ctrl+d for me)

the selection goes automaticallly to 9-16. In alternative:

  • you have 2 selections ranges, A and B. Use the A for 1-8 and B for 9-16. press 2 to switch between a and b

another option:

  • if you include EVENT in the snap tipe, moving the left and right arrow of the keyboard will move your range to next event. Mine is set to Grid+Events+Cursor

In the meantime I’ll find out…

Just use cycle markers. Double click on a cycle marker to automatically move the left right locators to its range.

This seems like you have to manually set them up before hand, right?