Float/Undock transport?

Is the transport really only able to be moved to the top, middle or bottom? Whose horrible idea was this? On split screens, it sits right in the middle and the buttons are split between the left and right monitors. Extremely annoying! Why can’t we float the transport like in previous versions? Or at least have the options to move it to the left or right side of the screen. SMH. Steinberg needs to fix this. :imp:

Seeing your setup, something would be needed, indeed.
I am not so keen for a floating version, but the transport could be aligned on the left, or on the right.

So, you’re a developer of Wavelab? Awesome to be able to talk directly with somebody such as yourself!

Yes, it would be extremely helpful to have options to move the transport away from the center. The ability to adjust the button size would be great too. They’re a tad bit small IMO. Looks like this was possible before?

It was possible before, but almost everything in the UI was rewritten.
I target this option for 9.0.30 (too late for 9.0.20)

Nice! Thanks for the replies and your time.

PG is the developer of WaveLab! It is indeed awesome that he gives such a level of support in this forum.


Nice to know! Thanks for the info.