Floating menu bar gone plugins out of reach


My floating menu bar has gone. Is there a way to lock the project window to the menu bar I really dislike this floating menu bar.
Also some plugins are half out of the screen so I cannot place them somewhere else on the screen.
Any help would be appreciated.


what is the floating menu bar?

The menu bar is not attached to the project window which I think is really inconvenient, that’s why I call it a floating menu bar.

why is the menu-bar not attached to the top of the project-window by you? which system do you using?

I use 8520 because that’s the way it works now since Cubase 8 (I think). I was hoping I could change the setting somehow in the preferences window but I cannot find it. Also in the manual I did not see any mention about it

do you mean Blackberry Curve 8520? you use Cubase on your mobil phone?

If you do not have anything useful to write than please shut up and waste your own time

sorry, i´m stupid. what do you mean with 8520 exactly? i can´t find any diffrent for “8520” instead of the Blackberry Curve 8520 in google.

ahhh, you mean the version… :exclamation: sorry for that. :slight_smile: which system do you using OS X or Windows? i ain´t got this problem with the toolbar in Cubase 8.5., as i´m using it under Windows 8.

It’s simple when you open a new project it is not attached to the menu bar it’s floating around you can place it were you want but the menu bar stays in the same place. I want when I open a project that the project window is attached to the menu bar. But I don’t know if this is possible an if so how. So if you open a project I am almost sure it is not attached to the menu bar?

You know a more complete explanation of the issue and a description of your system would help you to get some more considered responses. There is no way to lock the menu bar to a project window. Perhaps you could supply an image to illustrate your point. Given that all we can go on is your descriptions so far it difficult to be of any help.


If it’s not possible than that’s a pity because sometimes I “lose” the menu bar and it seems that Cubase is not running. However it is. So it’s a bit confusing.

ya, i agree with you, it´s the same by me. another problem of the floating menu bar is ,that you even can´t see if the program is run in the taskbar below (or whereever you´ve programmed it to). One tiny solution for this, is to look at/ open up the task-manager (right-click in an empty field of your taskbar, than select “Open Task-Manager”). usually you should find/see there, if the program is run.
P.S.: Cubase normally doesn´t attach the menu to a current project (even this would be useful and im also interested in the making of an option in the preferences, which allowed to assign the menu-bar to the current project as well, cause you can handle than the task with the project-window and the normal program-commands better with the use of your/ the keyboard. Cubase made this, for the purpose, that you can load several projects to the program, where you can only activate one at the same time, to get a better work-flow between the projects.

Yeah right I know they made it for a better work-flow but sometimes it’s just the other way around and it’s contra productive anyway maybe in the future there will be a better option to handle this. Thanks for all the comments.

we just must keep on struggling. :wink:

wait, what happend when you maximize the project-window or better the total window of the current-project. by me is than, the menu-bar attached in the current project-window.