Floating On The Ocean Of Impermanence

I have been composing instrumental music for a few years now, but it’s hard to get real honest feedback on my tracks.
So I thought I would share my latest composition with you and see what you think!


My mixing and mastering skills are not great, just basic so feel free to comment on that but also on what you think of the track as a whole and my style.


This is very cool man. You have really good musical ideas and your tracks tell a story, which is what it should really be about. I really liked your arrangement, very good transitions that made sense and complemented each other nicely. It took me for a ride :smiley:

I could see your music accompanying some sort of video.

The mix is not bad either. I’d say you are in the right track my friend. You are doing the right thing by deciding to share your music to new people, I think many would like it.

nice work!..love the transitions…shows creativity!


Very cool! Enough going on there where one couldn’t easliy anticipate it’s direction. A lot of atmospheric depth and shows musical intelligence. I could hear a few layers of moods rolling in sync.
By the time I got to the middle of this song, I could definitely see the credits rolling for the end of a high drama action movie. Mix was very good. I like it a lot. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

very eclectic piece of music, you’ve kept it interesting throughout, couldn’t pick up any obvious mixing probs, sounded good here, well done…Kevin

Thank you for the awesome feedback and comments, really appreciate it!