Floating Point Overflow

What on earth is a Floating Point Overflow ?

I just tried to reload a project I was working on earlier, and I had this unreal noise firing through my monitors that almost blew them out completely, and then the PC froze while I was trying to kill Cubase in Task Manager, which didn’t work.

I then rebooted and tried again to load , is when I saw an error stating floating point overflow, before crashing again.

Now it crashes each time I am trying to load that project, so I assume that ones dead, i’ll try a backup, but what could have caused this do you think ?

OK this gets worse, all my backups are crashing Cubase on loading…

It states Instrument Missing and then get the windows error Cubase has stopped working)

Problem located as Phenome soundfont player. Causing the floating point error.

But it took a reinstall of Cubase to 5.5.2 to get it to read and use the vsti’s I have.