Floating rest positioning

I’m finding some rests in voices are a bit higher than I would like, but I can’t find a global setting anywhere to reduce this. Most of the settings in Notation Options only apply to ‘slab’ rests.

Here’s what I’m getting:

And here’s what I want:

Obviously, I can adjust them manually, but, meh…
Screenshot 11.png
Screenshot 10.png

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i noticed the spacing of that last qrest is solely determined by the half-note A in the bass clef. Slide it up/dn (alt-up/dn) and the rest moves accordingly unappealing. Change it to two quarter notes and it looks better…looks like it projects the halfnote-A as if there was a quarter note in the 4th beat.

not sure what to do with this information but it was an interesting insight into the algorithm. :nerd:

This doesn’t answer your question, but I added a custom key command to adjust the vertical position of a selected rest:

"UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kRestPositionOnStave&Value=2" : [ "Ctrl+Shift+5"]

This assigns Ctrl-Shift-5 to move a selected rest to Pos. 2.