Floating Status Bar in Midi Editor

I Updated from 5.51 and this might be an older feature but this floating status bar is really annoying when editing midi… I have googled, went through the manual and cant find any information of how to get rid of it

You can kinda see it here

I think you are referring to that clear box above and right of the selected MIDI event. It is for Note Expression. I do believe it can be turned off. Can’t remember for sure right now. Search the Note Expression section for the note tails or fade outs.

yah that box, heres a better picture, there is information in it about time and the note, is there a way to get rid of this? I find it distracting when dragging midi around

edit - thanks for your reply, ill look around the manual in the note expression section

Disregard my bit about Note Expression. I was wrong about that. Not sure about turning off that note info tag.

Ah…! This is the same as my reported issue in the Sample Editor when using FreeWarp - its a Tooltip display, isn’t it…?

(I haven’t been in the Key Editor myself yet…!)

Well, at least we are providing more clues for the SB devs, to track down these problems.

yes, I didnt try the audiowarp feature yet, im glad im not the only one annoyed by this… we should be able to remove this, because when I select midi the note selected disapears and all I see is that bar, then when you drag the note, all you see is that misplaced status bar flying on the screen to the top right of the mouse cursor it would be nice to be able to turn this off…