Floating system track? duplicate system track

Hi - this may be a lack of experience issue - I have an orchestral full score and I’m using galley view , the system track appears at the top of the score, so if I scroll down, I loose sight of the system track - and bar numbers. Can the system track be made to float so it is always visible? Would this be a possible improvement to request in a future update?

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Aren’t measure numbers visible (faintly) on every staff in Galley view, or does one have to select that as an option?

They are visible by default in galley view, but they can be switched off: switch them back on with View > Bar Numbers > Galley View. The system track does indeed always draw at the top of the nominal page in galley view. It has been suggested before that it would be handy to have it appear at the top of the view instead, regardless of what part of the music is vertically in view, and that’s something we may implement in future.


Hi Daniel

Thanks for pointing out Bar numbers in Galley view - I’d unwittingly switched them off ! Duhhhh!

I still think a floating system track would be a benefit - so hope it gets implemented some time fairly soon.

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I think I’ve posted about this before, but couldn’t find the thread. Anyway, something I just discovered, since it’s very rare for me that the system track is visible, is that when alt+clicking to duplicate notes, the system track shows all the beat subdivisions to help you align. Now I’ve got a hungry longing for this floating idea to be implemented; maybe, as an additional tweak, with a cursor line in the system track to show you exactly where you are, like you get in graphics programs’ rulers.

You can paste while you’re in Note Entry mode, using the caret and grid. (You’ll have to Copy first, rather than use Alt-click.)

I find that alt-clicking more closely resembles the pencil+paper experience than the method you suggest, Ben. …which is a fascinating thought, actually.

I use alt-click a lot, but rarely have the system track showing. With practice you can land close to the target rhythmic position, but even if you miss, just use alt-left/right to adjust.

(and with the rhythmic grid resolution set appropriately)

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