Floating Transport panel - Please 2-line design again!

Dear Steinberg,

I miss the 2-line design of the F2 transport panel painfully!

  • 3 monitors and panel is very impractical with my “most used options” configured.
  • simply too long
  • does not fit on my laptop as well (too long)
    Switching off all needed options until it fits, makes it almost unusable fore me

Would be awesome to be able to configure it to have 1 or 2 rows, as well as all options from the old one.
– there’s no metronome on/off/config anymore on the new floating transport panel in Windows 10/Cubase 10 combi
(not configurable on the panel options; simply not there).
– seem to be available on MAC, but not in Windows 10

Thanks and happy Christmas

I feel the same about the single row transport panel. And, the lack of metronome control on the transport panel is an obvious critical problem in Windows, (I’m using Win 8.1) .
Since this is a critical technical problem, if they don’t do anything to fix this, I am going to write directly to YAMAHA (the owner of Steinberg) to report the problem to the developer team because Yamaha usually writes back to customers and tells us in advance if the problem is to be solved or not.

Yea definitely. 2 lanes made more logical sense.

Agree 100% with you!

Transport panel has changed from most useful to least useful panel with single line format.

Please provide choice of formats - a resizeable window would be best, but an option to return to 2 line format would suffice.

Due to poor eyesight, I run a low resolution on my main monitor - this means the transport panel now scales across both monitors so is ugly and more difficult to navigate.

Finally, please give the option to show maybe 16 markers on the panel - who decided that convenient access to just 8 makers made sens?

Please , Steinberg , give the old transport panel !!!

As an option.

I just switched from C5 and always found that floating panel annoying as hell, it was always in the way or obscured by other windows, just a major PITA. Eventually I just parked it at the very bottom of the screen where the C10 panel is and resized all windows to not cover it. I don’t mind detachable one to make everyone happy but please leave an option to leave one as is for those who like it.

You can turn it on and off as required using F2 – that, and “floating” means it need never obscure anything. See also my post: Transport Panel (F2) still horrible

I did a lot of F2 turning on and off and then wondering where the heck it went.

I got used to it but it was one of the most annoying and frustrating things in C5 for me. It just never was where it needed to be (fixed at the bottom of the screen where it is now) But if some people liked it, by all means there’s no reason why it can’t come back.

Again, as an option.

I’d be mad if Steinberg switched it to floating-only.

Real mad.

We are talking about two different things here.

Nobody is asking for floating-only. The thing you are referring to, and like, is called the Transport Bar and is turned on or off from the Setup Window Layout icon

in the top right of the screen in the project window toolbar and is fixed at the bottom of the screen.

This post is about is the Transport Panel which is activated by F2, can be moved around, and is always on top.

In Cubase 9 it looks like this:

In Cubase 10, it’s basically just a movable copy of the Transport Bar, here even at it’s most compact usable size:

Everything is in one line. If you turn on the same amount of displays as in the earlier version, the thing is stretched so long you have to jump back and forth on, and when all displays are on, it won’t even fit on a 1920-pixel wide screen (FHD). Madness.

Yeah, that thing is exactly what I’m talking about. Bar/panel, poteto/potato.

Everyone’s workflow is different, but I never found it useful, it had no useful information of buttons for me. It was just an annoying, useless floating thing that I just learned to live with, nothing more… and now that it’s gone/turned into a bar in C10 I’m happy about it.

For movement I prefer keys, the only other button on that bar/panel I ever click is “loop”. All the other buttons/info I never use/care about them.

Ah, I guess that’s OK then … I’ll let all the others who’ve been using it for the past 30 years know.

I’ll vote for a return to the 2-line as an option, and raise that vote for including a 3-line option!


I hope Steinberg is listening. In the meantime, for us users who like the old Transport where you could click your mouse anywhere on it and grab it, is there a way to set that up, or will it only grab on the edge. So, annoying.

I can’t believe the one-line option is all we’ve got now. The old bar was way cleaner.
The new one is flexibly configurable, so there’s that, but surely there must be a middle ground.

Although there are a lot of complaints because of the floating transport panel after 10.0.50 update the panel still comes only in 1 row

looks like Steinberg does NOT listen to its customers, that’s extremely annoying!

Agree with Nuieve, on C10 they finally found a way where it isnt always in the way. Also I need as much vertical space as possible, horizontal space is not the problem nowadays with those wide screens. Would never want the old design back!

First off, +1 for a 2-line design back please.

What annoys me with the new ‘slimline’ design, is that the navigation/position readouts now all look the same - the Locators, Punch In/Out, Duration and Timeline position boxes all merge into one indistinguishable mess, as you glance there… Why can’t at least the main Timeline Position be a bigger readout than the rest…?

Once again, look at how intelligent, clear and unambiguous these equivalents are displayed in Studio One, (or most other well known DAW’s or audio editors).

(And yes, I do use the floating ‘separate Time Display’ - but that eventually ends up annoying me as well…)

(And, bring back the old, flexible/resizeable, Right-Click pop-up Toolbox.!!)

I’m mostly just sad that the transport has to be at the bottom of the screen now… You used to be able to have it up top with the other controls… now… it’s stuck on the bottom. :’(