Floating window for transcribing

an idea/suggestion for the iPad version:
if one uses the iPad version for transcribing music into Dorico, there could be a floating window on top, displaying a source file (a .pdf or an image).
Dorico for iPad does not allow a split screen, and the screen space wouldn’t be enough to do so. Still, having the possibility to display a small floating window would make this kind of work possible.

  1. my first try: I made a printout of my manuscript and then would keep the page next to the iPad. Somehow very clumsy…
  2. my solution at the moment: display the manuscript on my iPhone and hold it with one hand next to my iPad, where I input the music with the other hand…
    This gave me the idea of having a little onscreen floating window.
    I have never done this, but isn’t there something similar, if one composes to a film/video source?

I think you can have the ipad version tiled on one side, (it does make it a little unusuable) - however you can also already use iOS to open a floating window (a slideover) and display another app in it - files app e.g. with a pdf in it.

It works fine this way although tbh space is that much of a premium on an ipad screen that I prefer to just look at it on my phone…

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Wow, never knew about this, thanks ed.
Will give me something to play with. - and practise…

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ed, I tried the slideover… and it’s not really a solution. The floating window occupies a whole stripe down the side and prevents access to the Dorico panel on that side of the screen.
Split view itself does not work with Dorico for iPad - for a good reason, as it would cut down the available screen space in halve.
The best solution would actually be a floating and resizable window. I doubt that ipadOS would allow this.

I agree with you there - it’d be interesting to see if the team could come up with a viable apportioning of the screen but I’m sceptical as whether there is a useful solution.

You’ll be able to use split view in the next version of Dorico for iPad, for whatever it’s worth.

:+1:t2: super.
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