Flow and Player Frame Filters; measure filter?

Hello there,
I recently finished a piece and now I would like to build a notation legend (as asked for by the ensemble commissioning me) for some very basic extended techniques.
I was looking at the wicked fabulous Flow and Player Frame Filters tutorial https://youtu.be/GDSidSjKd2w and thinking it would also be great if I could choose a specific measure (and of course flow and player frame) to start the frame on rather than measure one (i.e., my extended technique I would like to show is on mm.27-30 of Flow 3 in the bassoon part). Is this possible yet?


It’s not yet possible to start a frame on any bar other than 1. You could, of course, duplicate that bit of music to a new flow, and make a new frame to which that flow is assigned. You can easily select which flow you want the frame to display.

And as you already know from the video, you can show only a particular player in a frame. That bit is easy as well.

Daniel indicated they do intend to add the ability in the future to start a frame at any bar: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=150186&p=807858&hilit=start+frame+bar#p807858

Hi Dan,

Good idea regarding the extra flow with just the section of music I need for the table of contents.


What adding new Flows does now though, is add many extra Tacets to the parts. But it’s easy enough to put them all starting on a separate page and then delete the pages when it’s a pdf.
I’ve had this issue already with extra flows for future movements or a note-taking flow being included in the parts now as Tacets.

Feature Request to the Dorico team: Option to include or exclude a flow from the Tacet setting.

Mountainmusic, if you don’t want a Tacet page then exclude that Player from that Flow, or exclude that Flow from the Layout. I’m pretty sure one of those should work…

Hi pianoleo, yes, you are right. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: