Flow and Project headers do not translate to the actual page

I want to have the title and the composer written on every page of the score and the parts. I called up the according tokens in the page templates, but they do not show on the actual pages, only partwise. What´s wrong?

It looks like you have some overrides. Page Template edits won’t translate to those pages.

Ok, then, how can I still change it, without removing the overrides? I fear I would have to redo lots of things if I remove them.

You can’t, unfortunately. You will need to reapply any overrides unless someone has a workaround for this.

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:cold_sweat: This is not good.

You could maybe edit the headers of a page that has overrides to the way your template looks and then copy those frames to other pages that have overrides?

So you’re fixing the headers rather than everything else.

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Not sure when I would use this, but this is something that slipped past me when it came out, and I am happy to learn about it. (This forum is a brilliant resource, as is Lillie’s manual.)

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