Flow Creation with "new from template"

I want to create a new flow that uses a different set of instrumentation than the existing flow, and want to use the “new from template” to create it. Is there a way to do this in 2.2.10? Thanks!

Not really. Two alternatives:

  1. Add another flow the usual way, within your existing project, and sort the instrumentation manually OR
  2. Start a new project using the New From Template option, then save and close that project. Then, in your original project, go File > Import Flows and select the new project you just saved.

Perfect! Thanks. Except method two creates new player names. For example, if Flow 1 had “Alto Sax” 1 and 2, the new flow has “Alto 3” and “Alto 4.”
It might just be easier to do it manually.

There are some very strange things happening when trying to add a couple of instruments to the 2nd flow that were not in the first. Maybe because it’s because the first flow was a Music XML import. I want the instrumentation in Flow 2 to be totally independent of the instrumentation in Flow 1. Is this possible? The “Players” list appears to be global.

The Players list IS global. You could bunch all the players for Flow 1 in one group, then bunch all the players for Flow 2 in another group, which would mitigate the numbering problems.

Thanks pianoleo, this solved the problem!