Flow disappeared

I was just editing this file. Both flows were visible and all looked fine. I saved the project then opened it to add a subtitle. I was surprised to see only the first flow in page view. The 2nd flow shows up in galley view. I’m stumped.
HB2_My Jesus I Love Thee GORDON-HB26.dorico (652.3 KB)
If it makes any difference, this was from an XML input. The 2nd flow was created by splitting the flow (via the jump bar) at the end of the bells used chart. This has also happened on a 2nd piece I imported.

Your page templates look like this, with filters set to a single flow. Put them (or at least the second one) back to displaying All Flows.

MusicXML Import is irrelevant.

Thanks, it probably would have taken me a while to track this down. It was early in the morning when I was doing this. I did investigate the frames, but I only looked at the MA, MK, not the flows. It turns out I was using the library manager to import settings. Apparently when I was first experimenting with creating bells used flows I saved the library settings without changing the flows to be all. Tricky all those flows and frame settings. Thanks again.