Flow duration uses curly quotes instead of straight

When I insert the token {@flowduration@}, the resulting text is using curly quotes for minutes and seconds.

I believe that’s incorrect… they should be straight quotes, not curly. Is there some setting to change this? I can’t think of one…

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I don’t even get how it’s possible if the font is Academico. I guess you could always just add the token, enter the duration manually and then delete the token… I’d likely forget to update it after any changes though!

It produces curly quotes for Academico and any other font that contains these glyphs.

I created a text box, added a single and double quote using Academico and it produced straight quotes. For me, it only produces curly quotes when I use the token.

Note that, in proper scientific usage at least, minutes use the prime character (Unicode U+2032) and seconds (U+2033) the double prime, not curly quotes. This is also the case in fine typography.

Same for feet and inches.

Note that properly speaking primes are slanted and straight quotes are vertical, but fonts vary in this respect. Hence, and same for single:

I am always fussy about this on websites for durations of works, where you have to be careful about this or use the HTML entities.

So @dan_kreider you are right.


Yes, but that’s precisely the point. I want to use the token, and I can’t control the quotes.

Dorico always uses straight quotes by default in text boxes (which is usually wrong, btw), except for here.

All good - I knew what you meant and was just suggesting an “easy” workaround in case you hadn’t already.

Alas, Dorico converts all tokens to curly quotes!

Can we list this as a defect with Dorico?

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That would be a “feature.” :wink: