Flow Header flow titles, are not the flow titles names

its me again…
I tried to use the flow header for using as… Header text of the frames :slight_smile:
the thing is, kinda works, but not like expected. It’s like each music frame displays the first name flow title name of the row where it sits. I thought the issue is that I tried to let them use all the same Frame Chain and lets the App handle everything. So I changed things, every frame sits in its own Frame Chain and displays a specific Flow.

Then I did a second page with just one Frame, and there it is correct display. What am I missing? And why is it behaving like this?

Header Issues.dorico (1001.5 KB)

This is a known limitation of how Dorico detects the closest flow beneath a flow text token:

Okay good to know :slight_smile: so I made no mistake. used the {@flowNtitle@} now

I think you kind of know now almost everything I made for you in the file I shared with you. Nice work :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile: and thanks to you :slight_smile: