Flow Header Font Issue?

Every new project I start, the flow heading is displayed in what appears to be music symbol characters. They are always the same characters. I can fix this per project by selecting Bravura from the Engrave/Music Fonts dialog, and once I’ve done that, there are no issues while working in the project. I’ve tried reinstalling Dorico a couple of times, and I’ve tried resetting layouts back to factory settings- but the behavior continues.

I’m pretty sure I caused this issue in experimenting with layouts at one point - but I can’t retrace my steps or find the right setting to fix this permanently.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Windows 10, Dorico Pro v3.5.12

Dorico’s native default font for flow titles/headings is Academico.
But no matter what font you want to use, make sure that this is set both in the “Flow Heading”-frame under Master Pages and as default for “Flow Title” in Paragraph Styles.
Is that the case?

Thank you very much -issue resolved! Your suggestion helped me look in the right places (and gave me an opportunity to learn about page layouts, an aspect of Dorico I’ve neglected. It turns out I had selected a symbol font for the default text font family in Preferences (November2, not a text font). Changing the default text font back to Academico appears to have resolved the issue.

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Glad you got it solved.
The relationship and interdependency of font families, text and paragraph styles etc. took a long time for me to learn! Do study the manual and the various videos on the YouTube channel, f. ex. this.

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